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The company NRB-New Rock Bits develops and produces drilling rock bits for various drilling and mining operations:

  • Drilling of wells for oil and gas;
  • Drilling of exploration and appraisal wells;
  • Drilling of artesian wells for the extraction of drinking water and industrial water;
  • Construction of the foundations of varying complexity;
  • Pipeline construction under the engineering and water hazards;
  • Drilling pits for blasting in the production of overburden operations in the construction of open cast mining and tunnel construction;
  • Construction of wells for special applications.

Roller cone bits have different cutting structures in accordance with the drilling application: tungsten carbide inserts or steel teeth coated by wear resistant composite materials. Journal bearings provide the resource parameters specified rotation rate of the drill string, weight on bit, footage of the well interval, as well as the chemical composition of the mud parameters or air mixture for well circulation. Stability system of bits provide a drilling of directional wells.

Manufacturing lines are equipped with the latest modern models of special and specialized equipment from leading world manufacturers, which provide a given level of quality and performance of production. The organization and management system of quality correspond to international standards and requirements of the European Union. We use all materials are certified for compliance with quality requirements and environmental and health safety.

The main target of the company is to meet the requirements and expectations of our clients and customers.

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